Lowell High School (1914 - 1968) Lowell Middle School (1968 - 2010)
Lowell School in 1915


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Tri-Creek School Corporation




West Oakley Ave Lowell, IN 46356


Lowell School (East Main Street)

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Lowell High School (East Commercial Ave)

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Lowell Middle School (Cline Ave)

Lowell School is a three story building located in Lowell, Indiana. The school was built in 1912 and was finished in 1914 as Lowell High School. Later on, the building eventually became Lowell Middle School in the late 60s. In 2010, the Middle School moved into a larger and cleaner building located south of Oak Hill Elementary School on Cline Ave near by Belshaw Road. Tri-Creek School Corporation has not confirmed about the massive 1914 Lowell School's fate.


The building

High School EraEdit

Swimming Pool RumorEdit

Sometime during the high school era, a swimming pool was originally constructed under the gym. The basement was possibly used a large locker room section leading to the pool and the gym. The pool was home for a rumor that a female student drowned and died in the pool. It's not been confirmed with rumors. The date of the rumored incident is unknown as of today. During the Middle School era, the pool was covered with cement.

It's also been rumored that the school is haunted by the drowned girl. Janitors are afraid to enter the 3rd floor after 9 PM. Chairs are moved, desks are pushed against the walls, and footsteps can be heard even though no one is up on the 3rd floor.