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Map of Lowell Middle School property

The original 1914 building was once home of Lowell Middle School. The building itself was remodeled numerous times to keep the structure. Students and teachers complaint that the building was too gothic and for its "dirty" environment. The school moved into a newer building south by Oak Hill Elementary School. Because the middle school received a newer building; the 1914 building's fate is unknown.

In January 2011, Tri-Creek announced that part of the building will be torn down during the spring. It is likely that the 1970's expansion part of the building will be demolished. Masonic Lodge 378 removed the cornerstone which was part of the 1914 section.

List of Demolished LocationsEdit

Football FieldEdit

The storage house, field goal post, lights, and the scoreboard are the only remaining structures standing as of December of 2010.


The track on the football area was completely removed sometime during the summer. The remains of the track is only grass.


In November of 2010, the bleachers that stood on the football field was torn down.

Lowell SchoolEdit

As of January of 2011, Tri-Creek has confirmed that part of the building will be demolished.


The playground on the old Oak Hill School property is torn down because the area was unsafe.

Wooden slab on the right entrance of GymEdit

A wooden slab was discovered on the right entrance of the gym.


Masonic Lodge 378 removed the cornerstone which was added in 1928 on the west side of the 1914 section.[1] A time capsule was founded inside the Cornerstone. The Cornerstone was craved with the following words:


A.L. 5928

JULY 14, A.D. 1928

Proposed PlansEdit

Limestone RelocationEdit

Tri-Creek stated that the Limestones used on the 1914 Section will be removed and relocated at Lowell Middle School (Cline Ave). They also stated that the two archways and the limestone used on the top of the building will also relocated at the new middle school.